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About Dr. Nelson
John W. Nelson is board certified in Internal Medicine, Anesthesiology, and Pain Management

I am so confident that Pain Erase® can work for you that I've given it my personal guarantee. Even if doctors or other products have failed you, Pain Erase will relieve your pain or you'll get a full refund!

As a pain management specialist, I see thousands of pain sufferers in my clinic every year. Often, new patients come to me in tears because they hurt so badly. And even when the pain is relatively minor, it usually forces sufferers to give up the very activities and pleasures that make life fun. It wears them down and robs them of the joy of living.

That’s why I dedicated my life to the treatment of patients who suffer from pain. Yet, even though I work long hours-often seven days a week-and see thousands of patients each year, there just aren’t enough hours in the day for me to personally sit down with many thousands more who desperately need help. It’s long been my goal to somehow reach beyond my office walls and offer relief to every woman and man living with the torment of pain.

One way I’ve discovered I can do that is by working with Harbor Health to make an amazing pain relief product-called Pain Erase-available to you. It’s so incredibly effective, I stand behind it and Harbor Health guarantees it!

Pain Erase is a landmark remedy for your pain that you can order TODAY, at a lower cost than you’d spend on just about any other kind of pain relief. And it’s a remedy you can start using to knock out your pain immediately.

As a physician who truly cares about your pain, I urge you to try Pain Erase today and experience its remarkable pain relief for yourself.

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