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Harry Lynn PhotoAs the President of the company that distributes Pain Erase for Dr. Nelson, I have the chance to read letter after letter from grateful customers who were once suffering in pain just as you are now, often for many years.

And much too often they had to endure their agony with no relief at all from their own doctors who simply gave up on being able to help them! If it weren't for the fact that their letters almost always begin with a "thank you" for finally helping relieve their terrible pain, they'd be even more difficult for me to read than they already are.

As it is, I often find myself in tears as customers describe how their pain ruined nearly everything good about their lives. They write to me about how pain kept them from sleeping at night, or from walking with their grandchildren, or from doing even the simplest household tasks without intense agony.

Sound familiar to you?

If you think about all the ways pain has changed your life, then you know exactly what I'm talking about. And you can probably imagine my own feelings about being able to offer people just like you the chance to live again free of pain!

Pain Erase ProductThat's why I urge you to let Dr. Nelson help you as he has helped so many others without the dangerous and expensive drugs that you already know don't work for you, and which can harm you or perhaps even threaten your life.

No matter how much you may be hurting, please give Pain Erase a chance to ease your suffering. I personally guarantee to refund every penny of your money if this wonderful product doesn't stop your pain and give you back your life.


Harry R. Lynn
Harry R. Lynn
President, Harbor Health